Software Engineer, Artist, Cook, Traveler, Athlete, Family Guy

Enjoy to do: creating new projects, working, oil/stone painting, cooking, bowling, basketball, tennis, table tennis, watching movies/series, exploring new places.

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C# Physics Game Engine 2D Game Engine written in C# with 4 demos Demo Buy
MovieDb .Net Core Application Demo Buy
Sql Builder Sql Builder Desktop App (save,organize,execute) # Buy
NetForum NetForum C#.Net Forum & Blog Application Demo Buy
.Net Helper Library C#.Net & .Net Core Helper For All Projects # Buy
ChatMaidan Chat & Discussion & Forum .Net MVC Portal Demo Buy
Stock Market Game .Net MVC Single Page Application Demo Buy
IzyRead Create web pages simply and quickly. Demo Buy
ValidCoding Codes for Developers.Explore, keep, organize codes. Demo Buy
MVC Amazon S3 Uploader MVC Amazon S3 Upload Sample Project Demo Buy
Elastic CSS Creator Create css codes easily Demo Buy
Single Page Builder Html Page Builder with many functionalities. Demo Buy
Blog Page Template A template for blog web applications Demo Buy
Social Media Application A social media application template with many features. Demo Buy
eCommerce Template Easy Sell Shop - eCommerce HTML Template Demo Buy
Dodo ile Patik Youtube channel for kids with puppets. View #
LayLay Games Challenging Games. View #
Soorses Bookmark manager, personal search engine. View #

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