MVC Amazon S3 Uploader

Before You Start

  • You need to create an Amazon S3 Account. You can create your free account from this link.
  • After you have created your S3 Account. You need to get your AWS Access Key and SecretKey.
  • Open your AWS Console, under your name click Security Credentials menu. Here you will see Create New Access Key button and you have your keys.
  • You need to enter those keys to Web.Config file. Update AWSAccessKey, AWSSecretKey, AWSRegionId values from the config file.
  • To create a bucket for S3, click Services than S3. Than click 'Create Bucket' button and create your first bukcet.
  • Then enter your bucket name into Web.Config for 'S3Bucket' key.
  • If you want you can create a folder; Enter bucket by clicking on it. Right click and create folder. Give a name for your folder.
  • If you created a folder, you also need to set S3Key value of Web.Config file. If you did not create a folder than leave it empty.